Thursday, 30 April 2009


A difficult CD to be subjective about this morning, namely 1 by The Beatles. A CD containing all of their number 1's. I don't know how I got this CD, as it is rather superfluous to my requirements. Its difficult to give an opinion on something that could realistically divide the readership but I am going to be brief about it.
I like The Beatles, I am a fan, currently though and I think its always been the case my favourite albums are post Sgt Pepper. So that all said 7 out of 10, not because the songs are bad, or I didn't enjoy listening to them, but realistically there has to be some perspective and though I really enjoy Day Tripper, I prefer Here Comes The Sun, and Help is a great song but it doesn't compare to Two Of Us. So a low score but not because its bad.

Get Back by The Beatles

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