Thursday, 16 April 2009

Vehicles And Animals

I had a look this morning, I am definitely nearing the end of the A’s, only around 4 to go. In the meantime this mornings commute CD was Athletes debut, Vehicles and Animals.Now you may wonder how I came to own this, I ask myself the same question, it’s a copy if that puts any more sense to it, 2002 it seems that it must have had a place in my heart back then. I recall only ever playing this once, and that was at a bar b q where I got very very drunk, no, drunker than that, VERY drunk. So in effect outside of the singles the material on this album was all new to me.
I like Wires by Athlete, its an inoffensive song that I wouldn’t turn off if it came on the radio, that really is the extent of my Athlete liking, Joel Potts voice always seems astonished, you know, say in a drama class some one said “show me astonished” well he has adopted astonished as his singing voice.
That aside, I have a foggy memory that me and Lisa liked a song off this album for its video, Beautiful and that may have been the reason for having this album. So what of it? Much cop? If you get past that they will always be a V festival mid bill band, whats the album like?
I liked it, I really did, I got past the astonished vocals and all that came with it and enjoyed it, the singles are pretty strong, El Salvador, Beautiful, Westside and You Got The Style, and the album tracks if anything are stronger, yes its inoffensive pop in the vein of Snow Patrol (wait till the S’s, I have a large amount of Snow Patrol), or Starsailor (and these), it may have a political, or I suspect religious, message but you know as I am concentrating more on overtaking a seed lorry and less on the lyrics of Athlete, I can let all that go. An inoffensive 7 out of 10.

Beautiful by Athlete

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