Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sugar Sugar

An Archies retrospective today, Sugar Sugar is its name, after their biggest and pretty much only hit. The Archies weren’t a real band as they were a cartoon, a 60’s cartoon that was pretty lightweight to be honest, this isn’t Raw Power. It is ok in a 60’s exploitation pop kind of way, there are more bandwagons on this album than John Waynes entire film career. That all said it is executed perfectly because Jeff Barry was the main songwriter and amongst other things Jeff Barry was responsible for Leader of the pack.
The album then, an enjoyable journey, background music is what it could be described as, I wasn’t craning an ear as it is pop after all, get in, get out and if you can do it under 2 minutes that would be excellent thank you.
I recall buying this album when I worked at Virgin, I think I bought a ridiculously expensive Lesley Gore album at the same time, this wasn’t ridiculously expensive. That all said a straight down the middle 5 out of 10.

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