Sunday, 12 April 2009

Aerosmith - The Stuff That isn't On 'Young Lust'

As Peter pointed out, Aerosmith like compilations. Actually, some of them were put out by record companies eager to milk a departed / missing in action / presumed dead band, hence the Columbia Greatest Hits, Live Classics Volumes 1 & 2, Live Bootleg and so on. To add to the list there is also Gems, Young Lust, Gold and a live double too. Young Lust, the album that Peter gave a shockingly low score to, albeit heavy with the later pop efforts, still contains enough songs to pull itself up to the 9's - the Joe Perry Song 'Let the Music Do the Talking' (which I think first appeared on his solo album), 'Dream On' and 'Sweet Emotion' (both live as they are from the Columbia days, which also explains the inexplicable inclusion of a couple of forgettable numbers off the Geffen comeback album 'Done with Mirrors').
So, in an attempt to counterbalance the pop, and drag up their score a bit in Peter's eyes, here are some non Young Lust songs that don't have women in bikinis in the video.

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