Wednesday, 29 April 2009

3 Foot Elvis

In 2002 I went to a one day festival that Green Day were headlining, it was 2 stages and had acts such as Snuff, A, Rival Schools, Iggy Pop and The Wildhearts playing throughout the day, it wasn’t so bad and was the first time that I had seen Green Day, so it was pretty enjoyable (I saw them a couple of years later doing exactly the same set and the same schtick, I saw them a couple of years after that and again almost the same set and the same guffing patter), anyway, at this one day festival I was walking through the crowd after going to the bar, without my wife or daughter or daughters friend and I chanced upon a 3 foot man clad in Las Vegas era Elvis suit. I thought it was potentially the surrealist thing I had seen. After going back to my wife and explaining it, there was it had to be said, an air of disbelief, and suggestions that it may have been a child in a little bit of “spangle”, I was quite severe in my protestations and a little while later I went searching for the 3 foot Elvis, but alas it was to no avail. Isnt that always the case when you are looking for a 3 foot Elvis?
Later that day we were watching The Wildhearts and who should turn up on stage with them, yes, you see where I am going with this, a 3 foot Elvis. I punched the air in delight.

Vanilla Radio by The Wildhearts

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