Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Autonomists

I thought I was coming to the end of the A’s, I looked this morning and I have at least another week of A’s, at the very minimum. Today though, the soundtrack to my commute was the self titled album by The Autonomists, what the Italian political movement? No, the British political punk band.
This album was given to me by the same man, a very close friend who also gave me the auf Der Mer album, he also gave me a Tuuli album, so its not all bad.
I really will apologise to him for this review, as I say he is a close friend and he not only went to the trouble of giving me this disc but he also knows the band. Sorry Paul.
I have quite a dislike for UK punk, particularly political UK punk, there are some exceptions, notably Stiff Little Fingers, but The Autonomists are all over the place, essentially taking their cue from Operation Ivy, more punk than ska but a mish mash of influences that Op Ivy had. Now the music is the usual punk fodder, but the lyrics are just dreadful, anarcho ramblings about the system, up the punx kind of stuff, and they have an anarchist symbol as the A of their name.
Thankfully the album was finished by the time I got to Lichfield and I saw no point in repeating it, so the car stereo went off. Not fun, not fun at all, a bigger chore than AC/DC. 0 out of 10.

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