Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Vertigo of Bliss

Today the CD in my car was that of Biffy Clyro and their second album, The Vertigo of Bliss. From 2003 we saw Biffy Clyro a number of times and it was a track on this album that made us fall in love with them, Questions and Answers.
If you ask my wife what they are like in concert, she wont have a clue, as they tended to play at festivals we attended on the day that ordinarily was “Vodka Day” so like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Primal Scream and other bands, she isn’t really sure what they are like live. My wife has seen Primal Scream 3 or 4 times, she can’t recall a single thing about any performance, curse you Vodka Day.
So The Vertigo of Bliss, its Biffy before they became the Foo Fighters, before they got a fancy dan producer in and softened the edges, they edges are more spongy on this, but not soft, more play doh than steel.
Its possibly my favourite Biffy album but it doesn’t contain my favourite Biffy tracks, they will be coming up later, but its an album that I would suggest buying, as I would suggest buying any album from their Beggars era.
I think their sound at the point of Vertigo of Bliss was quite unique in this country at least and one that possibly influenced many bands in their wake, it’s a pity really that they changed that and went for the QOTSA and Foo Fighters sound in order it seems to win new people over, it is not evident on this album though and in the end it was a successful change for them as their singles started getting into the top 10.
It’s a brief one this morning as I have something rather pressing but overall 7.5 out of 10.

Questions and Answers by Biffy Clyro

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