Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Punk Rock Songs

The end of the A’s crept up on me in that it was an EP and not an album, so today its B’s, namely Bad Religions Punk Rock Songs, an anthology.
Now maybe it was my mood this morning, may be it should be Air in the mornings and Bad Religion on the way home but lyrically this album wasn’t good, I like the old American Punk Rock, that is after all the genre that NOFX peddle, but Bad Religion was a band that on the whole passed me by, partly I guess down to the anti religion, politico stance that they adopt with such vigour, you would think with all their experience they would be more lyrically adept than say Des’ree or some group of 15 year old punx from Worcester.
On stranger than Fiction Gurewitz writes that life is the crummiest book I read, in 94 when he wrote that line he had the birth of his daughter and his label Epitaph was enjoying some of their most high profile releases. Life really must have been crummy then.
Its not just that though, musically I really enjoyed the album, just the lyrics grated a little, but that may be just me and Bad Religion, I saw them once and I cant recall a single thing about them, and similarly if you asked me to sing back any song other than 21st Century Digital Boy, I would struggle.
So, and I may amend this after the journey home when I may be more happy to suffer the charms of 40 something punks, but for now, 4 out of 10.

Stranger Than Fiction by Bad Religion

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