Friday, 24 April 2009


Tigermilk today. Belle and Sebastians debut album, but from a purchasing perspective, their third. I rather vividly the first and up till now, the last time that I heard this album, I lived in Brookside at the time and me and my wife were sat in our back garden listening to it. It really disappointed to be honest, it came off the back of I you’re feeling sinister and The boy with the Arab Strap, and in my opinion it didn’t measure up to those albums. So, it really has remained unlistened to for 10 years.
So ten years later, what of it? Bearing in mind Belle and Sebastian could easily make it in to my ten favourite bands ever, well, enough to say the years have been kind and it certainly is not as bad as I thought, if anything age has been an improver, and it fits nicely within their catalogue. Certainly some tunes I am familiar with, as they have been on singles or soundtracks, but on the whole it is new ground for me.
The whole point of this relistening experiment was to go back to things that I had written off or missed and this is a prime example, a real ly enjoyable album that captures what I like about Belle and Sebastian, with very little wrong with it, the trebley electronic track messed with my cars speakers no end mind, not to mention my hearing, but that aside, it is all text book B&S, and an overlooked travesty that has been sat gathering dust next to Bernard Butler singles.
So 8 out of 10. Settle down for the B’s, they are along with the S’s my largest section and I see them lasting months.

The State I Am In by Belle And Sebastian

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