Friday, 21 August 2009

A Wider Audience

In an attempt to widen our worldwide blog audience I was going to write about Gary Barlow, or possibly the Jonas Brothers, or maybe Lulu. But, I thought I'd stick it to the man and write about Chilean children's music. It's my attempt to recruit my wife to our readership. My co-blogger Peter suspects that even I don't read the blog, while I know my good lady wife has never even had a casual peek.

If I was to say to you 'My name is Andres, and I am a fish' how would that make you feel? It sounds better in Spanish believe you me. I might go on to enthrall you with tales of a yellow caterpillar.

Mazapán have been around since the late 70's I think, and seem to have done more albums than The Fall. Amazingly, after a well known TV show and becoming household names, I see on the website that they are available for weddings (Mazapán that is, not The Fall, although Mark E. Smith giving it the Lady in Red-uuhh for the first dance by the happy couple would be great-uh).

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