Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I forget at times that I have more Blur albums than is normally considered acceptable, but I also own 2 more Alien Ant Farm albums than is considered acceptable, current count is 2.
13 today, no not me, todays listening was 13 by Blur, I bet any money that it was produced by Eno, I havent checked yet, but I reckon it was.......wikipedia......nah, William Orbit, that kind of makes sense, its at times a little noodley, not in a Paul "Check this tasty riff out" Weller kind of way. More of a string a song out to 7 minutes kind of way. That would be a bad thing if it wasn't this album, but as it is this album, "7 minutes sir? you couldn't make it closer to 8 could you?", Why certainly!

This album contains my favourite Blur song, and one of my favourite ever songs in No Distance Left To Run, where as Albarn was leaving behind moustachiod Elastica frontman Justine Frischmann, it was rather poignant for me as at the time I was going through relationship woes with my hobbit like wife, but that will be represented I am sure some years in the future when we hit the Pernice Brothers.
I digresse, not only are we treated to No Distance... but also Tender, Battles, 1992 and Swamp Song, a truly well formed adult album that cuts free of woohoos and knees up muvva brahnisms, its a thinking album, cerebral, and a bloody good album at that.
This album sees Graham definitely getting more of a voice and the first green shoots of The Gorillaz, showing in Damons vocals, Damons next recorded work was with Deltron 3030, teaming up with Dan the Automator prior to recording the Gorillaz debut album, or as they were described, The Banana Splits.
So in summary, an enjoyable album, made me listen to it, and not just have it playing in the background whilst I called cyclists that dont use cycle paths c#$%s. 8 out of 10.

No Distance Left To Run by Blur

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