Monday, 10 August 2009

New Scoot

Today's post is slightly celebratory. At the ripe old age of 40, baldy, paunchy and prone to complaining about the pain in my back, I have been able to tick something else off the list marked Things I Want to Do Before I'm So Fat I Can't Get Off The Sofa. A premature 'Bucket List' if you will. It's probably asking for trouble but I've bought, with the full support of the committee (she will probably want one too), a 1959 Lambretta LI 150. It's red, a bit scuffed, doesn't start and is a new entry on my (other) list entitled Things To Defend with Your Life.

Even though I probably went home and listened to Status Quo and Neil Diamond, the late seventies Mod revival had a lasting effect on me. I had a Harrington with a Bad Manners sew-on patch on it. My mate had the loafers and The Jam albums. I reeled in shock when Terry Hall sang about 'piss stains' on his shoes. I remember buying The Lambrettas single 'Poison Ivy' (the old Coasters hit) and playing it to death. I think I knew it wasn't about a plant, although I have a healthy mistrust of green climbers to this day.

This is to celebrate my new scoot.

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