Saturday, 8 August 2009


Saturday and I am working again and so it is the self titled album by Blur. Some weeks ago I said that they, Blur, didn’t really hit their stride until the last 2 albums, 13 and Think Tank. I may be wrong about that and listening to this album really confirms that error. I likd and like a lot of the tracks on this album and as one finished I thought, aha another I like. Song 2 may be a worldwide anthem now, but it is still a great song. One afternoon in Virgin around the time of the release of this album the stereo in store went off just before the Woo-hoo, and a vast majority of the shop sung it, its an infectious song.
Its not just Song 2 though, there is more to this album than a video game soundtrack, I’m Just A Killer For You Love, Country Sad Ballad Man are the non single tracks that highlight the songwriting talent of Blur. The singles on this album would be difficult to better thankfully a million miles away from the comedy of Country House. All in all a pretty good album that I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed it at the time. 8 out of 10.

Country Sad Ballad Man by Blur

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