Sunday, 2 August 2009

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and Larry Sloman

I finished my new book this weekend, it is Scar Tissue, the biography of Red Hot Chilli Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis.
I must say after the Elvis book it was a breath of fresh air, Elvis is Elvis and all but hell he led a dull life, but as Kiedis sampled his first drugs before he was a tennager and this carried on off and on until 2001, this rollercoaster wasnt about love but the life that he led during and around those highs.
The book documents all the shittyness associated with hardcore drug use and for a man that has an image to retain and rely on, the warts are and all, and the tales of of excess.
In amongst his dalliances with heroin, cocaine, crack, speed, meth, canabis and alcohol, we also get an insight into how the band came about, how they lost and discarded their members, and how they became what they became.
Kiedis explains his own behaviour and tries to put the case on why at times he can be perceived as a bit of a diva.
The book also chronicles Kiedis relationships with women over the years and this is given almost as much focus as his drug abuse, you get a sese that he is a romantic and each and every female encounter of note left a lasting impression on him.
So the book itself is an excellent read, weighing in at over 450 pages and nothing is hidden. You are left at the end hoping that he doesn't return to the drugs, but I certianly thought it was quite inevitable. I came away from it actually liking Kiedis, from a stand point of thinking him an arrogant arsehole.
On the whole though one of the better mucic biographies I have read and it will be a difficult one to follow.

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