Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Marc Bolans Greatest Hits

A self made CD of Marc Boland and T-Rex’s greatest hits. Nothing much to say about this really, 70’s pop, which is good, bad lyrics that were completely of their time, bearing on the preposterous, affected vocals, but altogether enjoyable. I guess its somewhere between 6 out of 10 and 10 out of 10.
When I was a young slip of a lad, long after Bolans death and career friends of mine bought a TV advertised greatest hits of Bolan, I didn’t really know much, or care much for his work and so carried on listening to Animal Boy by The Ramones, I had less in common with what The Ramones were saying on that album than what Bolan was saying, but it served its purpose. One track that was played to me that I enjoyed though was Dreamy Lady, a lovely lolloping tune that today gets play on my ipod, however for some reason I chose not to put it on this CD.
Forward on 18 years or so and I start to enjoy Marc Bolan, possibly as a result of seeing the film Billy Elliot, I am high brow aren’t I, and I think that is why I compiled this CD. Billy Elliot.
On the whole its good though, Ride A White Swan, Deborah, others…..oh Jeepster, yes I recall that. Its not really fulfilling though, yes it’s a break from the cycle of Blink 182, Belle and Sebastian and Billy Bragg but its not something that makes me want to wind down the window, turn it up loudly and catch the attention of a Volvo driver and mouth “listen to this shit”, not that I would anyway. 6 out of 10

Ride A White Swan by Marc Bolan

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