Sunday, 9 August 2009

Cider with Roadies

I'm half way through Stuart Maconie's Cider with Roadies. It veers from the mundane to the laugh out loud funny, although there are many pages when I wonder how this ended up on a page, as it's just so ordinary. He ended up on 6 Music via the NME and Q Magazine, so I'm hoping the second half of the book picks up. Anyway, as a native of Wigan he has plenty to say on the Northern Soul scene, so I'm going with Tony Clarke's Landslide, which is highly praised by Maconie. Around the time he exits university he has moved on to Orange Juice and Postcard records, so I'm lobbing in some Edwyn Collins.

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  1. Oh so you do still post on here! I enjoyed Cider with Roadies, as did Lisa, and in my search for my next holiday book I was considering Mark Radcliffes Thank you for the days, but the reviews arent all positive and he seems to retread the same ground covered in his first book.