Thursday, 6 August 2009


Ages ago I reviewed a self made Black Rebel Motorcycle Club compilation and gave it 1 out of 10. Today I listened to a copy of an album a friend made me by the same band, the album is called Howl and I have to be quick here as cider is being poured downstairs and Chiles is on the telly, a thrilling cocktail, you will no doubt agree.
Anyway Howl, Howl just may be the first CD that gets into the car 2 days on the trot, it is an absolutely fantastic album that was a joy to listen to start to finish. Influences on this still are Big Star, but also a nice combination of watered down Delta blues, gospel and enough rock for it not to make the mistakes of the early singles I hated.
This album, potentially could be the best B when I get to the end, mainly because I was not expecting it to be so flaming good. Seek it out, really, in the mean time cider beckons 10 out of 10, I am not shitting you. Just wish it was more detailed.

Open Invitation by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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