Friday, 14 August 2009

Blink 182

Whilst Kev is shuffling I am listening to Blink 182’s eponymous album, their final studio album before their hiatus, re-emerging this year.
I will be honest with you hear, I listened to an album yesterday that I never reviewed, it was a double album, a compilation done for me by a friend a few years ago that I never listened to at the time, and this time I listened to half of it on the way to work, and a third of the second disc on the way home, and as I passed my wheelie bin I popped it in, it has nothing to do with todays listening, it was bad obscure indie that was dreadful.
Todays album is not Blink 182’s best and it does contain their worst bit of music in The Fallen Interlude but on the whole the album is good to listen to and at times has some works of genius, Down, Go, Feeling This, I Miss You as well as a song sung by Robert Smith of The Cure in All Of This.
It does have a few needless track in The Fallen Interlude and a live version Anthem Part Two, but they are crimes that are forgivable on the whole, after all anthem is a very good song.
The album though does venture into that maturer sound that bands, particularly of their ilk, have to adopt to continue selling records as their fanbase grows up, The Offspring, Green Day have tried to do it, so why not Blink 182? I personally think though that Blink 182’s attempts are a lot more enjoyable, fulfilling but perhaps not as profitable as Green Days, thankfully though Blink 182 collaborate with Robert Smith and not U2.
So all in all enjoyable, 8 out of 10

All Of This by Blink 182 ft Robert Smith

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