Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Review

I am sat here waiting for the secret life of the dog on BBC2, they promise its going to be excellent and Darren Hayman reckons his dog Beullah is the double of the intelligent dog who features. I think Darren Hayman is doing that thing that parents do when they think their kid is actually not as smart as they really are. I am waffling, to the commute CD.
I beleive everything has a tipping point, and none more so than toast. Toast is only good for spreading butter on 15-20 seconds after the toaster has spewed the toast. There is a 15-20 second window to get the butter on the hot bread ad after that, well it just aint nice, thats the tipping point. Its a bit like that scene in interview with a vampire when short cult nutter Tom Cruise drinks from the dead lady, its too late Tom, the toast has cooled!
Coldplays tipping point was the day they performed Yellow acoustically on Jo Whileys show, it had yet to be released, a platinum selling career was but a dream away and to put it in the words of my wife, Chris Martin was yet to turn into a Bono emulating cunt. Apologies for the C word.
Todays album is a Rush Of Blood To The Head and Martin is a cunt and I have not got the first clue as to how or why we own this album, yes I like The Scientist as I am a romantic that cries at eastenders, I will cry at anything, The Scientist video being an example. That track aside, I am lost as to why this pretentious mind numbing bollocks has made it into our CD's.
The dogs are on 1 out of 10 as I still like The Scientist.

The Scientist by Coldplay

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  1. The C word Peter. Twice.

    'Disgusted' of Santiago. Hmmph.