Monday, 18 January 2010


Should it come as any surprise that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, unelected but leader of Iran, is a Chris de Burgh fan? What is it about that news that makes it non-revelatory? It's equally as non-revelatory as finding out that Robert Mugabe is a Cliff Richard fan. This one can be explained by the relentless do anything it takes approach to cling on to fading but hopeless power and success approach taken by both. How about Gaddafi and Clapton? That one is less obvious, but all the others are explained by clicking the links above. Gaddafi Jnr is a Beyonce fan.

We like to appeal to all, so this one is for the Colonel.

Come back next week for news on which biscuits are the chosen snack of UN peacekeeping officials.

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  1. Margaret Thatchers favourite pop song was the wonderful Telstar according to this.

    I suspect Hitler wouldnt have gone on Desert Island Discs, but if he had, well we can only summise.