Thursday, 21 January 2010

Down and Out.

It seems that Peter has turned into a Stafford based Barry Norman/Roger Ebert type today (albeit with mild Tourettes), and that we have transmorgified into a film related blogorama in full IMAX surround sound 3D with popcorn and nachos and an organ player that pops up from the floor at the start of the show. Who am I to question our new direction? Next week I believe we're reviewing the 50 Best Manbags.

The closest I personally have ever come to the evil dead was a game at Birmingham City in the 80's, and as horror is not my favoured genre I shall turn my attention to what I like to call 'the down and out on the way back up'. Think Rocky, think Mickey Rourke in the Wrestler (think Mickey Rourke in real life), think Liverpool FC at the moment, you get my drift. One last shot at the big time before the inevitable crash and burn.

Jeff Bridges, who I like tremendously as an actor (how else would I like him?) has just bagged himself a Golden Globe for his portrayal as Bad Blake, a fifty-something year old alcoholic country singer-songwriter, in the movie Crazy Heart. The character is apparently based on a combination of real life characters, Waylon Jennings, the effortlessly cool Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard. T-Bone Burnett (him of Krauss & Plant production fame, Walk the Line soundtrack, Oh Brother soundtrack, and on and on) wrote the music and the whole thing is based on Thomas Cobb's novel. 'The Weary Kind' also won best original song. The soundtrack sounds well worth investigating, as it has Billy Joe Shaver, Lightnin' Hopkins and The Louvin Brothers, although I did also notice the words 'Performed by Colin Farrell', which gives cause for concern.

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