Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bad Music For Bad People - Review

It was a snowless Stafford on the way into work and deep snow on the way back. The soundtrack both was the cynical IRS cash in album that was The Cramps' Bad Music For Bad People.
Musically its a great album, it is however reminiscent of the two Cramps albums I have sampled thus far on the commute, most notably Off The Bone from last week. Yes there are differences but not major differences and its similarities are the most attractive, and you know I wouldnt mind a few different ornaments on the mantlepiece.

What we do see here is Goo Goo Muck, Human Fly and She Said, yes all very good but as I said familiar. I Can't Hardly Stand It, Uranium Rock and Save It, again, faultless but we had these tracks only last week. Garbage Man, New Kind Of Kick and Love Me, you get the picture, all of these so far were on Off The Bone.

One solitary song wasnt on Off The Bone, TV Set, a good song, but if I had known this I may have bought my wife a different Cramps album, for The Cramps, 10, for IRS, -10 therefore 0 out of 10. Bad label.

TV Set by The Cramps

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