Sunday, 17 January 2010

Marissa Nadler

We had a paella night last night, as the name suggests we had a paella. Paella night is more than that though, Paella night involves wine, lots of wine and music, lots of music. A paella, the making of is a long process so we listen to music whilst its forming.
Anyway, rather randomly I put on a track, Ghosts and Lovers by Marissa Nadler. I had never heard of or indeed heard Marissa Nadler, she has had 4 albums out and not one appeared on my radar.

No Surprises by Marissa Nadler

Her style is kind of odd, difficult to compare it to anyone, kind of cocteau twins, folky, certainly "ethereal". That sounds great??? No?

Ghosts and Lovers by Marissa Nadler.

Ghosts and Lovers is from her last album, 2009's Little Hell released on Kermodo Records, home of Langhorne Slim and dont let this put you off, the intro reminds me of a Metallica song, but it is nothing like a Metallica song. I may have to look more into this girl, but for now I thought you might like to hear Ghosts and Lovers, her cover of the Radiohead song, No Surprises and Heart Paper Lover also from Little Hells. Its all quite stunning.

Heart Paper Lover by Marissa Nadler.

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