Tuesday, 12 January 2010

International Velvet - Review

Some Cooper Temple Clause is what is should have been yesterday, it should have been but as it is one of those protected CD’s meant that it wasn’t and couldn’t be played in the car. Makes no odds to me, never liked them anyway, it’s one of my wifes CD’it may have been great but I suspect it wasn’t.
Today though I didn’t retreat to the arms of Chris Evans, (admittedly I did dip back in at the end of todays CD and was rewarded with Journey at ear splitting volumes. Top stuff.)
Todays CD was Catatonia’s International Velvet. This is a CD I need to split in two, I will remove for the purposes of this review, at least initially, Mulder and Scully and Road Rage. They are removed.
This CD was absolutely marvellous, beautiful vocals off Cerys, lyrically very enjoyable, lilting, lifting and a seriously great record that has stood the test of time. My Selfish Gene in particular appealed to my liking of lyrical wordplay, and then on Game On and Strange Glue we are treated to two singles high points from the bands career. I Am The Mob still sounds excellent and I was singing away at the top of my lungs whilst stuck in traffic outside of Lichfield, an excellent album. Truly excellent. 9 out of 10.

Then I come to Mulder and Scully and Road Rage. Lord when you take me, when my days are ended and my past crimes are totted up against my good name, you weigh up the good against the bad and find that the other place can have me, the music that will be playing will be Mulder and Scully and Road Rage on the flipping loop. I detest these songs, made all the more galling is that Mrs D, who owns this album, also owns those singles. I need a new wife. 2 dropped for these songs therefore International Velvet. 7 out of 10.

My Selfish Gene by Catatonia

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  1. I'm not sure another wife is really what you need Peter.