Saturday, 22 November 2008

Swap Shop with Neil Young

I was trying to find a Neil Young song off the Life album the other day and stumbled across something called A Perfect Echo. Some chap called Braden Strickler, yes, Braden Strickler, has put together an 8 disc soundboard recordings set of live Neil, spanning the years 1967 to 2001. From what I've heard it's head and shoulders above the usual bootleg quality, and you've got to say what a complete nutter. There's a bit of a blurb on a website called Aquarium Drunkard, have a look by clicking here. I also found a complete track listing here, which is a one man site by a bloke called Jack, who is big on swapping whatever live stuff he's got for whatever live stuff you've got, a bit like Saturday Morning Swap Shop but not on a Saturday.

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