Saturday, 1 November 2008

God's Bob Dylan & Waltzing Dirt Farmers

I don't know where my co-host gets the time to watch telly, listen to music, smash up fridges, berate Bob Dylan and rant about the envirnonment. I was struggling to see the link between Dylan and Gods Boyfriend, although I came to the conclusion that Bob gets so much good press for average albums that he must be Gods .......... Well, at least Gods gift. Didn't ramblin' Bob go christian in the eighties?

If you were to scroll through the d's in my music folder you won't find much Dylan. Partly because he's under B, but you get my drift. The only time I've seen him live he sounded like Fozzie Bear with pharyngitis. We were back at the car before you could say Froggy Went a Courtin' (if you can't recognise the song til the chorus you're in the wrong tent).

In the great give-away of my records, in order to reduce the amount to a box I could afford to ship to Chile, I gave away Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, and kept The Band's records. Their first album sports a cover featuring a Dylan painting, and they went on to tour and record with him.
Scorsese, a good friend of The Band's Robbie Robertson, directed their final hurrah, The Last Waltz.
Levon Helm, The Band's singing drummer recently released Dirt Farmer, a fine solo album, although the 1993 Band re-union (minus Robbie R) album Jericho features my favourite post real Band effort from him, in the shape of a cover of Springsteen's Atlantic City (click on the words Atlantic City to download it, nothing to do with me!).
Not only do you get The Band, you get The Staples too........

The Band with The Staple Singers, The Weight

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