Saturday, 1 November 2008

"I always thought he sounded just like Yogi Bear."

I have an awful lot of Dylan, 15 albums of Dylan, as well as some MP3's, ask me to name 5 tracks that don't appear on his greatest hits though and I will direct you to the vast array of Punk O Rama CD's I have, you see, I only really play Nashville Skyline, and that's for the Cash, so why do I own so many Dylan albums if I don't play them? That is down to wine, ebay and time. 3 bedfellows when combined sometimes produce fruit, replacement of long since stolen Ramones albums, and sometimes produce ashes, Dylan.
I appreciate Dylan, I am hip to the mans jive and dig on his importance, maybe over time I will see him for the utterly wise sage that he undoubtedly is, just at the moment his presence in the downstairs records means that if I ever want to play Midway Still or Bleach, I have to go upstairs for them.
I will badger Kev into writing something glowing about Robert Zimmerman as he probably likes him and can do it justice, I certainly can't, but what do you expect from a man whose favourite album is by Tenacious D?

One song though that is quite outstanding is Make you feel my love, from the album Time Out of Mind, covered by many my first hearing was by Adele.

Over the past 7 or 8 weeks I have been subjected to The Family on Channel 4, essentially an hour of arguing, constant arguing, Channel 4 deems this to be entertainment, and it seems so does my wife and child. Its over now, thankfully, but over the final credits, rather poignantly was Adele's rendition of Dylans Make you feel my love. Now as I have mentioned elsewhere, I am a sucker for anything at all sentimental and and it was a perfect song for the chaos that preceeded it.
I cant really tell you anything about Adele, I know she is young, she has a rather soulful voice and that her album is called 19, what little I have heard has been passable, its not The Family Cat mind!

Make you feel my love by Adele.

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