Thursday, 6 November 2008

Cover Up Well

It's almost as if the mighty P would know that his post would taunt me into the area of covers. I mean, non hip hop artists doing hip hop. Please. Don't get me started on covers otherwise I'll be here all day. There's even a bit of Reg lobbed in here, in the shape of Peter Tosh. With a name like Tosh you'd have to be fairly confident before putting something out there.

So here's Chris Cornell with a warning of unwanted fatherhood, Luka Bloom (Christy Moore's brother) with a bit of Irish lovin as taught by the Ladies Love Cool James, Jose Gonzalez bringing a bit of sensitivity to the ice cold Joy Division, and finally the man Tosh ringing a bell.

Billie Jean is seriously knocked up by Chris Cornell

Love Will Tear Us Apart by (Joy Division) here done by Jose Gonzalez

I Need Love (LL Cool J) here done by Luka Bloom

Johnny B. Goode here reg'd up by Peter Tosh

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