Monday, 3 November 2008

Dix-ing about.

During those quiet moments before my morning bath I pondered on what was my favourite album ever, so the pondering happened and I pondered some more and then I dwelled, dwelled and pondered then I thought OK whats my top ten. So here they are, just for you…not covered in sequins.

The greatest album ever made is the debut and self titled album by Tenacious D. One day all music will sound this great and all musicians will hold this album up as the greatest contribution to recorded sound since singing was invented. Not a single week goes by without me listening to this album, the follow up, Pick of Destiny is as mind achingly majestic as well.
Favourite Track: Dio.

The second best album ever is In an Aeroplane over the sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. It was released 10 years ago and is as wonderful now as it was then, massively critically acclaimed and a huge influence on numerous US indie bands since, (Clap your hands say yeah and Bright Eyes to name 2) Jeff Magnum, head honcho of Neutral Milk Hotel did this and then retired the band. A crime.
Favourite Track: The King Of Carrot Flowers.

Third is I’m Wide Awake, Its Morning by Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst, for he is bright eyes released 2 albums at the same time, Digital Ash in a Digital Urn and I’m wide awake its morning, the latter was the more acoustic of the two and by far the better. Veering from folk, to rock to country, touching on the September 11th attacks and also his upbringing across the length of the album. This along with the previous 2 always seem to get played a few times a month.
Favourite Track: Lua.

Fourth is War on Errorism by NOFX, US Punk band with more great albums than any other band. War on Errorism is relatively new and like most of their recorded work is very politicised, more so this one is very up front about its condemnation of the Bush Administration. Any other week this would be my favourite album ever.
Favourite Track: 2 Jealous Again’s.

Fifth favourite is White Light by Gene Clark, Clark was a former member of the Byrds and like most former members of the Byrds, never really got the acclaim for his solo work. Released in 1971 and backed by members of the Steve Miller Band and The Flying Burrito Brothers, this album was given to me by a friend and went unlistened for 2 years, and it was only out of boredom that made me listen to it. Its a work of art, they should make kids listen to this in schools. It is THE country rock record, its loose, its impromptu, its excellent.
Favourite Track: The Virgin.

(The Virgin isn't on Youtube, but this is.

Six is Orange Blossom Special by Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash was responsible for the first record that changed my life, as a six year old I played one of his lesser singles over and over. As I got older I started listening to things like Straight A’s in love, Folsom Prison etc and I consider myself lucky to have seen him in concert. All his albums mean a lot to me, even his religious work, but the one that I love more than the rest is Orange Blossom Special.
Favourite Track: Orange Blossom Special.

Seven is The World Won’t End by The Pernice Brothers. Released in 2001 its the story, almost a concept album of the latter stages of head songwriter, Joe Pernices marriage and its subsequent breakdown. It is blindingly good, I don’t think Joe Pernice ever came close to this before or after, Cronulla Breakdown from this album invariably makes it on to almost every mix tape/CD I do.
Favourite Track: Cronulla Breakdown.

Cronulla Breakdown isn't on Youtube, you need to listen to it though, its superb, in the meantime, here is Wrking Girls.

Eight is Goats Head Soup by The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones I am a late convert to, I always appreciated them but over the last five years, I have liked them more and more and particularly their post Brian Jones output. Exile on Main Street is universally acclaimed as their best work, not for me though, Dancing with Mr D, Angie, Heartbreaker and Star * all on one album, its very diverse and one that shows off Jagger and Richards songwriting to the fullest.
Favourite Track: Heartbreaker.

Nine is Glasvegas’s self titled album. I managed to get hold of a recording of their Demos and loved them, I was hoping that they wouldn’t change massively when they finally came to record their album. They did change, but for the better. They do what the Raveonettes do, take influences and make them their own, coming from a similar view as The Raveonettes, mixing the best of Jesus and Marychain, with a classic 50’s songwriting aesthetic. With the case of Glasvegas, adding a healthy dose of Glasgow living to it. This album grows on me more and more with every listen.
Favourite Track: Go Square Go.

Finally Ten. Coral Fang by The Distillers. Its a punk album by former wife of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and current girlfriend of Queens of the Stoneage’s Josh Homme, Brody Dalle and her former band The Distillers.
I had seen The Distillers a number of times and the experience varied between dull, dreadful and one of the best concerts I ever went to.
The latter was promoting their final album, Coral Fang. Not as visceral as their previous two albums, have more light and shade and therefore more interesting than say Sing Sing Death House. I do not recommend driving to it though.
Favourite Track: The Hunger.”

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