Monday, 3 November 2008

Cretin Hop

A right old rock n roll rumpus is happening off the back of the US elections. The Ramones have endorsed McCain and Palin, I know what you are thinking, but surely Peter, the fair majority of the core of The Ramones are dead, are they making endorsements from beyond the grave.


You see Linda Cummings, (Linda Ramone?? Richie Ramone following the surgery???) has been out in the media using the name Ramone to aid the Republican campaign.

I see you are still scratching your head, Linda Cummings? She is the widow of former staunch republican Johnny Ramone. Someone forgot to tell Linda that Ramone wasn’t Johnny’s real name and to be honest that name was only really afforded to members of the band, ask Arturo Vega.

Any hoo Linda Cummings has got into a rumpus with Mikey Leigh (aah Mikey Ramone?, err, no.) Mikey is the brother of former singer in The Ramones, Joey Ramone. Joey unfortunately passed away a number of years ago.

So here is the skinny, someone not a Ramone, has criticised someone else not a Ramone, for endorsing a political party ¾ of the Ramones detested using The Ramones name, candidates who it has to be said one of whom has probably never heard of The Ramones and the other probably doesn’t know how to tie his own laces. This is politics American style.

On that note, the rather apt, The KKK took my baby away, the KKK refers allegedly to Johnny, the baby refers allegedly to Linda. The away refers to the fact, again allegedly that Joey was stepping out with Linda prior to her relationship with Johnny.

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