Friday, 13 November 2009

Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More


Learning from your mistakes.
Nick Drake, happy at 50.
Wuthering Heights in Tijuana
Del Amitri on steroids.
Banjo'd Elbow.
Los Lobos composing a new theme tune for Emmerdale.
Arcade Fleet Fire Foxes.
Impure hearts.
Stephen Stills' Tree Top Flyer crash lands in Ireland and picks up The Pogues.
Strength through pain.
The Band tied to a post.

Sigh No More, the debut album by Mumford and Sons, is all these things and more. It's a full harvest. Where they come from doesn't matter. Where they're going doesn't matter. This album stamps on the floorboards and soars in equal measure. It takes you up the mountain and into the seas. It's English and Irish and American and derivative and new and old and undoubtedly, undoubtedly my record of 2009.


  1. blimey. I havent listened to these, but I will, I mean these videos, have heard Mumford and Sons on the MTV, I will listen to these videos though.

  2. Listened to the album this morning and loved it, very good indeed. Lisa didnt love it and she said that I am no longer allowed to play with you. She said its folk, not punk folk, gypsy folk, but folk and only a step up from Foster and Allen. I am seeing a solicitor tomorrow.

  3. I'm lining up a folk attack on Lisa and have also been in touch with some heavies who are big, big Foster and Allen fans.