Thursday, 12 November 2009

Led Zeppelin

Well I thought today's was the last Led Zeppelin for the week, but no, another tomorrow. Today though, their debut Led Zeppelin.
Thoroughly entrenched in a typical late 60's sound, a small hint of psychedelia, a hint of garage rock, a hint of blue cheer, a little bad company, but altogether Led Zeppelin.
I must admit it is perhaps the most unfamiliar album to me, and perhaps the least played. Not that it is bad, as I have said I prefer their more reflective material and this is by no means reflective, but conversely it is Whole Lotta Love.
Riffs yeah? well the riffs are there, Communication Breakdown comes on like an articulated lorry, not so much a juggernaut.
I did enjoy the album, enjoyed it very much. You might think when faced with Sir Terry or Moyles that anything is enjoyable. Not the case, unsure why I found it enjoyable and that's the struggle.
Soundwise its not the Zeppelin that I love, lyrically I suppose it gives what I like in spades, metaphors for love making. I like them.
Bit of a nothing review this I am afraid, enjoyed it, but don't know why. The tracks were long but I lived with it, I didn't really know many songs, all reasons not to like it, but I did. 7 out of 10.

I Can't Quit You Baby by Led Zeppelin

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