Friday, 6 November 2009

More Specials

My in car commute CD today was More Specials, the second album by The Specials.
A good album but not one that really compares to yesterdays. I thought at times, ah a more darker album, and then there were really really light moments to it. When I also think ah, they are moving away from their roots, they put together something like Stereotypes Pt 2.
It was an alright CD though, just alright, not bad, pretty good, but not excellent, and as it was only The Specials second CD, it should have been excellent? No?
What it did bring though was a few childhood memories, notably being in class at Donnington Wood Junior School, quietly singing to myself the words to Pearls Café, notably “it’s all a load of bollocks” and being sent swiftly to Mr Weaver for the slipper. Ouch. And the second memory was first year of secondary school and our class were doing the assembly, some girls in the class needed the rich baritone of a Neville Staples, unfortunately they got the tenor of a castrated Aled Jones, this was all for a rendition of Do Nothing with words altered to fit in with the life of a child at The John Hunt School. The song was dreadful, and I suspect the only reason that I did it was to be around some girl or other that I hoped had a liking for spotty greasy boys that had a voice like a castrated Aled Jones. Inevitably they didn’t.
Highlights from this disc are the aforementioned Stereotypes and Pearls café, but also the International Jet Set and Hey Little Rich Girl. Unsure about the guilty pleasure that is Enjoy Yourself, at times it verges on comedic, maybe that’s its intention? Who knows? But as the week finishes, 7 out of 10. You get a bonus disc tomorrow as Villa re at home to Bolton.

Pearls Café by The Specials

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