Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Floatier Than A Floaty Thing Disc 1

Today I confirmed just how ungrateful I am. I played a CD someone did for me nearly 10 years ago, its part two of a two disc set of a particular artist. Today’s CD was called “Floatier Than A Floaty Thing” and it is one half of a lengthy Cocteau Twins compilation.
Before I regale you with my thoughts on disc two, let me bring you up to speed on my relationship and knowledge of the Cocteau Twins.
Firstly, in our house they are called the Cockatoo Twins, this is due to an ex-girlfriend of a friend calling them that in all seriousness. She also said that “you don’t know bo-diddley”, instead of you don’t know diddley. She was like a modern Del Boy. I digress, that’s what they are known as in our house, The Cockatoo Twins.
I know one song by them, just one, I think its called Iceblink Luck. My wife thinks they are no better than Enya. That there ends my knowledge on the Cocteau Twins.
This CD proved they were no better than Enya. It wasn’t shit, it was sub shoe gazing nonsense that had me reaching for the sleeve on more than 3 occasions wondering why the hell are there still 10 tracks to go. There was perennially 10 tracks to go.
It wasn’t offensive, just taxing if you are stuck in a traffic jam (which I was) late for work (which I was) and wondering why the heater wasn’t warming me up (which I was). Therefore it was taxing beyond belief. One song of meaningless singing I can tolerate, then you say OK, that’s good, what else can you do though?
Not much it seemed as 19 tracks later and nary a sail away sail away Orinoco flow in name but certainly in delivery and I am thinking all that they can do is that. I was ready to turn Sir Terry on at one point.
So that all said, not to my liking, but not awful, 3 out of 10. I can’t wait for disc one, whenever that may be.

Iceblink Luck by Cocteau Twins

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