Sunday, 15 November 2009

Darren Hayman Attacked.

Some very shocking news, on Friday Darren Hayman was brutally attacked and mugged in Nottingham at the start of his short tour of the UK. He is currently in hospital recovering, fine, but in a lot of pain. Obviously the subsequent dates have been cancelled and I can only extend my personal wishes for a swift recovery.

Update: Via information from Antony Harding and Jack Hayter it seems that Darren was mugged on Friday, receiving a kicking whilst lying unconscious. They believe that he will be out of hospital today (Monday) He has had a cat scan and thankfully nothing serious has shown up. I am sure that he would appreciate your well wishes over at his blog

Another update: Antony has posted on his Twitter that he is being kept in hospital as it seems now that Darren has a fractured skull. Bad times indeed, thoughts go out to Darren and Helen, Darren's wife.

Update...again: A nottingham newspaper is reporting the attack here

Final update: Darren is home, his wife has posted in various places what happened and an update.

Hopefully he will up and at em soon. Possibly not touring the provinces though.


  1. Such a horrible thing to happen, I really hope he is up and about and playing/ writing soon!

  2. Hope they catch the scum - unlikely though...

  3. When I first found out on Saturday afternoon that something had happened, and the Bradford gig was cancelled, I looked on Twitter and a chill went down my spine when I read Darren's Tweet from Friday evening:

    "I'm in nottingham. Most violent city in uk im told. Come see me play!"