Friday, 17 July 2009

War, what is it good for?

Sun Ra, I must admit that noodly jazz rubbish often cited as an influence by the likes of Bobby Gillespie he of Primal Scream never really moves me, I like my jazz like I like my women, not from Saturn.
My experience of Herman Blount is very very fleeting, nothing more than a mention on a tune a day desk calendar suggesting that I listen to a track of his called Nuclear War. They sold it to me by the promise that it apparently had a choir of children singing the refrain, “it’s a motherf****r” and I think a truer word wouldn’t be said outside of “Gordon is a moron”. That mention though made me download the track and the Yo La Tengo cover, Yo La Tengo being the indie version of noodly jazz rubbish, however they do deliver a rather faithful version of Nuclear War. And on that note, you need a bit of Nuclear War, and it is indeed a mother f****r. Pardon me French.

Nuclear War by Sun Ra

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