Friday, 31 July 2009

Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle and Sebastian was the in car music today. An album that always makes me think it’s the soundtrack to a Stanley Baker film, Perfect Friday if we are going to be specific.
Its an album that starts stray from their Nick Drake influenced roots and picks its influence from 60’s pop as opposed to 60’s folk, there is even hints of northern soul on here.
Stay Loose diverges from both sounds in that its almost 70’s new wave/80’s synth pop, at times sounding like former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman. It’s a diverse album on the whole, but still retaining the Belle and Sebastian sound.
When I first heard this album I was a bit unsure but repeated listens has made me realise it is one of their best albums, stronger than the Life Pursuit, and as good as Boy With The Arab Strap, maybe.
This would normally be the last of the week, but as I am working over the weekend you get two bonus discs, I daresay it will be Billy Bragg, this though, this gets 8 out of 10.

Roy Walker by Belle and Sebastian

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