Thursday, 30 July 2009


Selmasongs today, the one and only Bjork album that I like, and I do like it. It was the 2000 soundtrack to the Lars Von Trier film, Dancer In The Dark.
Now the reason why I like this album may be because of many reasons, maybe its because Bjorks vocals on this album are as close to her vocals on The Sugarcubes material, maybe because it’s the soundtrack to an outstanding film, maybe because the songs are pretty good, or maybe it weighs in at 7 tracks long.
Along those 7 tracks I do have to put up with Thom Yorke so its not the walk in the park that is assumed, thankfully his presence isn’t too great and is merely an interruption, you know like Adrian Chiles on The One Show, its worth suffering him for the opportunity to see Morrissey being asked fucking inane questions.
Cvalda features the fragrant Catherine Deneuve, who doesn’t look like a mole with a shit haircut that looks like her mum has done it, but this isn’t about Thom Yorke, Cvalda uses the noise of the factory for its backing and you may assume that its some man shouting something about Jordans boobies or the terrible state of immigration in this country but no, you would be wrong, Mark Bell, the producer has quite cleverly got industrial sounds not only to back Bjork but also in a way got Bjork to create sounds that fit in with the scenes in Dancer In The Dark.
New World appears twice on the album, as the opening Overture and the final track and the normal run of things, effectively the same Bjork track twice on one album that would be a fate too nasty to comprehend but as this is my favourite Bjork track (admittedly it’s a very shallow pool) it is a bit of a delight.
So a great mini album, thoroughly enjoyable, start to finish, that soundtracks a ridiculously good film. 9 out of 10.

New World by Bjork

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