Friday, 17 July 2009

Its a big country

It has been a pleasant week or two off from my CD collection, chained to the constraints of my own rules it was starting to get monotonous, but now I feel refreshed enough musically to tackle the looming Bragg and his other B counterparts. That’s Monday, in the mean time I have been catching up on Podcasts, listening to my weakness, schmaltzy modern country, and any CD recently purchased that fell outside of my self enforced rules. New CD’s from A highlight Antony Harding. From the schmaltz category Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley and Trace Adkins, the three headed cowboy hat wearing Nashville behemoths. I suggest you would not like these, on paper I should not like these, the blame for liking them lies squarely at the doorsteps of my parents and my sister. My parents for ensuring that I am a fool for pedal steel and songs with titles such as “Yonder comes a sucker” and “With whiskey you sure look like a purdy horse”, and my sister for introducing me specifically to these artists. I am reasonably sure that all three probably own a gun and didn’t vote for Obama. I may be wrong about all of that though. I do know that Brad Paisley has a song about fishing though. His gun owning status is unknown at this time.

I'm Still A Guy by Brad Paisley

Edit: A little update to this regarding Brad Paisley potentially not supporting Obama, I may be wrong.

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