Sunday, 19 July 2009

StornoBoss 2009

My Glastonbury 2009 highlights arrived the other day. I see Lauren Laverne is still getting regular work. I've rather grown into liking a bit of Bruce over the years, so was looking forward to a big bad Boss set, then I found the whole thing a bit of a let down. Maybe I'll just stick to Nebraska and have done with him. Everytime he went off on one about the E Street Band I just thought 'Oh put a sock in it', which I'm sure isn't the effect he was looking for, particularly with a set that is a a full 90 minutes plus extra time and pens. And the giving of the cup. But, to be fair to him, here's Johnny 99 minus the pomp of the E Street and all that nonsense, given a folked up big band kind of a stomping.

I'm not sure how many artists set out to be delightful, but that's how I found Stornoway, who, you might guess from their name, are from, yes, Oxford. I can't find the live clip from the BBC, but here is the video for the song they performed. Previous years Glasonbury highlights have included Seasick Steve and others, and this lot are among the best.


  1. I heard Stornaway on 6 music yesterday, very nice.

  2. I heard them again today and couldnt remember where I had heard of them. Shocking memory and now to see what is available, they sounded great.