Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Title TK

Todays CD should have been A Hard Days Night by The Beatles, but it isn’t, because somehow my copy of this album wont play in my car stereo. All other Beatles albums have so far, I am not best pleased.
I hightailed it back into the house and the next CD along was The Breeders third album, Title TK. The Steve Albini produced album was a long time coming in our house and as of early morning on the 2nd of June it is my favourite Breeders album.
I need to be brief as I want to post something else but Title TK is a fantastic record, and the only thing stopping me giving it a ten is that I think two tens in two days is a little over the top.
If you liked Last Splash then this album is for you, pretty faultless on the whole and as good as anything I have on my shelves. A self editing 9 out of 10.

Off You by The Breeders

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