Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Last Train to .......................

Peter made the mistake of not ordering the interesting version of 'Last Train to Memphis' and then struggled through the book, only to be saved by one bread roll too many (see below). My ex house mate Dan used to regularly take the last tube from central London (the vomit comet) back to our flat in Bounds Green, but excessive pintage, crossed with an ability to sleep standing up, often saw him over shoot his required stop, and end up at the end of the line. He then, rather bashfully, cast about for other sheepish looking travellers who also reeked of beer and fags, and they shared a taxi back in the direction from whence they came.

There is no song called 'Last Train Past Bounds Green and Back Again', although there is 'Last Train to London' by E.L.O.,made more interesting by cross ferilisation with the Beastie Boys. I have my suspiscions that if you look at E.L.O. really closely in this video it is actually the Scissor Sisters with fake facial hair.

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