Monday, 1 June 2009

Let It Be

I have a short week this week as I fly off on holiday on Thursday. Greece as you asked. The thing with Greece, Puressence were quite big in Greece, and Kev used to, and excuse the vernacular here, but Kev used to bum Puressence like no other band. They were like precursors to Doves.
Puressence has nothing to do with todays CD, which is The Beatles Let it Be. Released the year of my birth, 1970 it was the final Beatles studio album although recorded before Abbey Road, it was released after Abbey Road. Produced by noted murderer Phil Spector it tied in with the film of the same name that documented the recording of the album.
I have to say this is my favourite Beatles album and I do consider it to be utterly faultless as albums go. Taking songs that have been played repeatedly over the past 39 years, Let it Be, Long and Winding Road and Get Back its easy to see why The Beatles are held in such reverence and put on a pedestal. But then specifically on this album you dig a little deeper, Two of Us, I Me Mine, For You Blue and Across The Universe and already this album outstrips any Beatles album that came before it, any album in consideration. Take One After 909, one of their earliest songs, recorded and released in 1970 and it is not out of place in the slightest.
The band on this album seem totally confident in their abilities and are happy to let their blues influences come to the fore, whilst still retaining a pop sensibility. A truly great album, and therefore the first 10. 10 out of 10.

I Me Mine by The Beatles

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  1. My Puressence bumming days are over, although I do have a strange relationship with the sound they make, and the effect it has on me. My ex wife ended up working for them, and may even have been involved with one of them. Who knows. I think they are destined to forever be an also ran Manc band, although live they have hit hieghts few bands could dream of. Check out India or Gazing Down.
    Have a great holiday Pete.