Tuesday, 16 June 2009


My back-knack requires me to go and have physical therapy. Before doing the exercises (that are all a bit Liza Minnelli as they require lifting legs and pointing feet) I am required to lie on my side for about half an hour while they zap me with machines, or put hot sticky things on my lower back. It's not bad, although as I have my back to the man with hot sticky things I try not to speculate as to what the hot sticky things actually are. I take a book or a magazine. I don't like the cold gell much, but you can't have everything (maybe warm gell....).

Yesterday I was reading the Guardian's 'Heartbreak' part of their '1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear'. It's a daft title. I mean, 'Everyone' and 'Must'. I can see a fella out of my window working on a roof. Does he need to hear 'No Children' by The Mountain Goats? I'd wager not. He needs to find a job that isn't on a roof.

So, to heartbreak. Bettye LaVette, a woman with more E's than the Shamen with a bag of E's, is yet another person who has recorded with Drive By Truckers (Booker T has just done an album with them). The Truckers' Patterson Hood's dad was part of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, so maybe that's the connection between the alt-country outfit and soul n r n'b stars. Aaaaanyway, she was in the 'Must Hear' list, and 1965's 'Let Me Down Easy' is described as a 'soulful wrecking ball of a record'. Judge for yourself.


  1. I may have to seek out the heartbreaks, I like to put myself through turmoil. The Cure's, Breathe, is it on the list? Nice to have you back mind, I am rather indiecentric and you like all of that blues nonsense. I daresay the people that like the blues were getting a little bored by me.

  2. Do you think we have people?