Friday, 20 March 2009

The Virgin Suicides

A lot of EP’s and singles to flick by this morning, notably, The Amps, Ash, American Music Club, and some Air, before settling on Air’s soundtrack to the film The Virgin suicides. The film is a favourite, I loved the film and so did my wife, who I bought this soundtrack for some years ago. She owns a lot of Air and it’s a band I can and do listen to a reasonable amount, usually in the bath when I have had a day dealing with idiots. It’s a toss up between The Virgin Suicides and Moon Safari as to which is my favourite, Moon Safari is not so far away but for now lets say TVS, and it’s a great soundtrack, stunning in fact, up there with Selma Songs. Really very enjoyable and the perfect sound to block out the hum of the M6. So far the best that the A’s have had to offer, I am conscious though of Archive, The Amps and another Ant album coming up, but for now, the best. 8 out of 10.

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