Monday, 23 March 2009

God Loves You

God is love, apparently. You always hear this, and people tell you. Well, I've never felt God's love. It certainly never promoted itself through the dirge like hymns we were forced to sing in school assembly (if they'd managed to lure The Staple Singers to a Shropshire school in the mid 80's this might have worked, or possibly a country gospel outfit in matching cowboy shirts). I noticed in the U.S. that lots of cars have little fish shaped 'Jesus' stickers on their boot. I'm not sure why it is fish shaped, possibly in tribute to the time he turned fillet-o-fish sandwiches into enough wine for a decent get-together. Possibly the closest I've ever had to a religious experience was a goal by Ray 'Romford Pele' Parlour against Valencia a few years ago. I think it's possible that God is over-rated, just as Romford Ray was under-rated.

Anyway, here's a biblical three to be going on with. If there's any love I hope you feel it.

'Jesus Was a Capricorn' by the cooler than cool Kris Kristofferson

The biblical sounding Nazareth were actually from Scotland, and took their name from a lyric from The Band song 'The Weight' ("pulled into Nazareth, was feling 'bout half past dead"). This clip is notable for the complete disinterest of the audience, as the band mime their fantastic version of Joni Mitchell's This Flight Tonight, along with the gravity defying topiary of lead singer Dan McCafferty's hair.

'This Flight Tonight' by Nazareth

Make sense of this if you will, particularly the spoken introducion by Son House, here doing the much covered (Blues Brothers, White Stripes) John the Revelator, which is my second posting of this song, as I just can't stay away from it.

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  1. The Nazareth lip sync is amongst the worst I have ever seen! Never mind the audience, the band seem to be in another place. Great song by the Naz and Joni Mitchell but rubbish video.

    What about Big Cyrille's goal against for making the hairs on the back of you neck stand up. And if the Great Escape wasn't a religious experience, I don't know what was.