Saturday, 28 March 2009


The Amps album Pacer today, I must admit I as looking forward to this one, it’s a great album, it really is, it is possibly my second favourite Breeders album after Last Splash (what can I say I love pop) The Amps were a Breeders side project, effectively due to the rotating line up, The Amps were The Breeders, The Breeders play Amps songs and one of the tracks on Pacer was a Breeders tune. Anyhow, if you are really interested in Breeders history Wikipedia exists.
Pacer then, Pacer is potentially the best A album, I really have enjoyed listening to it a lot today and every time it restarts I look forward to it, I know of only 2 more A albums which I think will be as good, but for today on the trip between Stafford and Telford it was the perfect accompaniment. Full on idle, Tipp City, Bragging Party stand out, but it keeps good company very good company. 9 out of 10.

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