Friday, 27 March 2009


The back roads of Staffordshire were this morning subjected to Alien Ant Farms TruAnt. The follow up to the hit spawning Anthology. I think as guilty pleasures go Alien Ant Farm are up there with Garth Brooks. Yes its easy to write them off as nu-metal chancers that got lucky with a cover and rode the back of that until the record buying public got bored, the thing is they really have some very good songs and none more so than off the two mid career albums, anthology and truant. Today was Truant and at some point in the future I have the conundrum as to if I play both copies of anthology that reside in Chez Donohoe.
Truant then, not choc full of hits but enough songs for me to get to the end and hope that there is a bit more road to hear it all again, more subdued than its predecessor and one that perhaps might see them more than a little jaded with the business, well it hints at it before exploring it more on the follow up. I do really like this album though and am looking forward to the journey home, yes it isn’t goats head soup, or in the aeroplane over the sea, but it doesn’t make it less worthy. 7 out of 10.

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