Saturday, 3 October 2009

Yellow Submarine

You would think that THIS close to the end of the B's it would be foolish to take a break from my trip through my loosely alphabeticised CD albums. I haven't. Wednesday I had a second copy of Blink 182's self titled album, it was excellent second time round, and then I had Dude Ranch also by Blink 182, and for some reason my over fussy car stereo wouldn't play it, I suspect it would have been a 9, it contains Josie and Dammit, which I love but as it wouldn't play, well no review.
Yesterday was Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and it is the first time I suspect that this album has been played. I think my sister bought it me, she certainly bought me the film for my birthday and potentially she also bought me the soundtrack. It isn't important.
This version is the 1999 reissue and does not contain the orchestrations that appeared on the original and replaces it with songs from other albums.
Yellow Submarine is considered the weakest of The Beatles' albums, and with the removal of the orchestrations, therefore messing with the release, it is even weaker for it, extremely weak, so I will be ignoring tracks that appeared on other albums and concentrating on the 5 songs that were specific to this release.
Its an extremely poor album this album and that may be the reason for it's lack of play. Of the five tracks I only like one song and that is the rather throwaway All Together Now, the other tracks, either jar or just aren't that good. Harrison is let loose again at a time when he should be on a tight reign, maybe things were such at that time that Lennon and McCartney would allow any old shit on to an album, Only A Northern Song being the best example.
This release of course features the Ringo vocal on the title track and it's not a bad song, its not awful, familiarity breeds contempt and all that and as it is so damned familiar I have nothing but contempt for it, and its vocalist.
So not a good album, an appalling reissue that someone thought was a good idea, when it clearly wasn't. 1 out of 10.

All Together Now by The Beatles

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