Monday, 5 October 2009


Revolver was my CD of choice, driving my car too and fro from MOT place. It tried to lighten my mood and in a way I guess it did.
Let me be honest here, you may have noticed that I dont hold the revered albums up there that I should, the ones that make the lists I tend to think are ok, and so Revolver was picked from the shelf and an opinion formed very very quickly, christ, moddy shit from The Beatles.
Its good isn't it, it's a bloody good album and I really didn't realise it, it's superb, you can really see where Oasis got their sound, and when was it released, what 66? Really ahead of it's time, Tomorrow Never Knows could be The Chemical Brothers, certainly ther Chemical Brothers owe the drums on Tomorrow Never Knows a bit of a debt.
The only real downsides are Yellow Submarine and Harrisons efforts, and although this review is brief, I cant really tell you much about Revolver, but as this started out as a 4, it is a generous 9 out of 10.

She Said She Said by The Beatles

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